Best Tablet 2014 - 2015

 best tablet 2014-2015  

best tablet 2014 2015


Best Tablet 2014 - 2015

Finding the best tablet of 2014-2015 is a challenge because there are so many to choose from. When Apple unveiled the Ipad the idea of a tablet was a really new idea but since its inception every major brand has jumped on the band wagon with their own tablet.


Each year brings forth a remarkable bunch of tablets that are capable of doing more and more. The newest tablets are more hybrid laptop/tablet than simply a tablet. Many of the newer models have removable key boards, usb ports and other ports to make the tablet a lot more compatible with today's world of electronics.

Apple IPAD 4

Apple still rules the market as far as sales. The IPAD4 is one of the most popular and anticipated products in the tablet range of electronics. It is a good tablet but you can find like items with a few extras for less. There have been a few upgrades for the newest Apple and it really is hard to beat the performance of this machine. The A5X processor layered beneath the less than an inch chassis really has made some very impressive speed gains and is considered by many as the best tablet.

The price is around $450.

A nod to the Ipad mini which recently entered the market!

Android Tablet from Google Nexus 10

One of the best android tablets is the Google Nexus 10. It is really top of the line in the android market. The screen has excellent resolution. The 10 inch tablet is just large enough to really get what you want out of the media options but not too large that it is a pain to carry around. It offers some super cool apps.

The price is around $400

Kindle Fire HDX

Kindle has done a great job of making a tablet that really does wonders with media apps. It really does a great job of delivering the most important things most people want in a tablet at a very good price!

The price is around $250

The Barnes and Noble Nook

The Barnes and Noble Nook is the best price value at around $149.00. One of the best choices for the money is the Nook. They opened their tablets to the Google Play Store. The price is right and it is an ideal tablet!

Samsung Galaxy Note

The Galaxy has been getting a lot of buzz because it is simply the most innovative tablets on the market. It's 16 GB is ample. The screen resolution is amazing. The leather like chassis gives it an elegant look, micro usb port and Android 4.3. The only thing that will keep you away from this tablet is the price at $600.

All of the tablets on the above list are excellent choice but the Apple Ipad is still considered one of the best tablet of 2014-2015. The key is deciding how much you are willing to spend and what options are a must have. Also a little price comparing will take you a long way in finding a great deal.















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